About Us


The company was founded and started by Mr.Balwant Singh in undivided India in the city of Sialkot, and later re established at Jalandhar in India in the year 1956.

Owing to the vast expanse of our nation retail outlets under the Pioneer brand were established in Undivided India  in all the metropolis’s  which exist as of today and have now expanded to other cities aswell

Being one of the first to start his business in India the name Pioneer was a natural  choice for the founding father.
With a wealth of experience on hand(now the third generation) and a guarantee of our traditional seriousness,reflected in years of service to our worldwide customers.

Customer focus and high performance to which our company is committed forms the basis of our Business model.
The Core values at Pioneer are Honesty and Integrity.

 Pioneer is synonymous with quality sporting goods,and over the years has become a well known/respected brand within India and overseas markets.

Strong emphasis on Quality,attractive packaging enable Pioneer to offer an unbeatable PRICE-QUALITY RATIO.

Our endeavour is to build partnerships with our customers,business associates, suppliers,leading to growth,prosperity and sustainable business development.